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At Caribbean Alliance Insurance, the health and well-being of our customers, business partners, and communities is our top priority. We are pleased to inform our customers that many of our offices have resumed normal office hours. However, we encourage you, our valued customers, to continue to implement social distancing. We strongly encourage you to call or email us with any queries. For current information on your specific territory please visit its respective page from the Branches/Agents Page.

Protect your Company in the event of Injuries to Employees...
With Caribbean Alliance Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s Liability Insurance protects your business if an employee is injured during the course of employment. The insurance will meet the cost of compensation for injuries sustained to your employees, including illness and disease, whether caused on or off site and during working hours.
As an Employer, it will need to be demonstrated that your negligence
was responsible for the injuries sustained for a claim payment to be made on the policy.

The definition of an Employee is very wide and claims can be made by Directors, Labour-only Sub-contractors, Apprentices, Voluntary Workers and persons on Work Experience. In order to calculate a premium all employees' wages for the entire year along with the occupations must be provided.

Indemnity is provided in respect of injury to employees arising out of and in cause of their employment.

The Limit of Indemnity is as follows:

  • $1 million per person
  • $1 million any one event

In territories where Workmen’s Compensation legislation applies, the policy also covers stipulated amounts and medical costs following an accident, irrespective of whether the Employer has been negligent or not.

Talk with your local Caribbean Alliance representative to make sure you have the right business liability insurance in place for your company.

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