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Secure your investment...
With Caribbean Alliance Home Insurance

One of the biggest investments many of us will make in our lives is owning our own property, and therefore it makes sense to ensure that such an important asset is properly protected.

Caribbean Alliance Home Insurance policy covers your home against damages arising from a very wide range of perils namely Fire, Lightning and Smoke, Explosion, Earthquake or Volcano, Storm or Flood, Hurricane, Tropical Storm or Tornado, Subsidence, Heave or Landslip, Escape of Water or Oil, Riot, Strike or Labour Disturbance, Malicious Persons or Vandals, Theft or Attempted Theft, Vehicles, Animal or Aircraft Collision, Falling trees or branches and Accidental Damage. The policy can also extend to provide Liability coverage for domestic staff.

We also provide additional coverage for Rental and Alternative Accommodation; Breakage of Fixed Glass and Sanitary Fixtures, Damage to Underground Water or Gas Pipes, Electricity Cables and Public & Personal Liability as Owner or Occupier.

In the event of an incident resulting in property damage, you can claim for the cost of repairing or rebuilding.

Thinking about buying a home insurance policy with contents coverage? Contact your local Caribbean Alliance representative today to explore your options.



The following PDF Policy Proposal Form is also available for you to complete and download online. 
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The PDF form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, download and print. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the icon to download it.


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